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For the last couple of years i have been inviting photos from photographers that have posted images on Flickr.. These photos were invited to groups i started along various train routes enabling you to experience these train journeys.

The idea is to  create a visual idea of what the journey is like.. My motivations are to help people that have traveled on these trains re-live their adventures – and for people that have taken photos but have forgotten where .Also as an aid to people thinking of taking  a trip. Thanks to all the people that have posted their images in these groups , I hope you enjoy looking at them. Loco Steve

You are welcome to view my photostream on Flickr by clicking in this link


About Loco Steve

Travelling Brit Travel around USA mostly on Amtrak . Amateur Photographer
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  1. Steve, this is such and awesome collection! I know you have worked hard and long to put this together and the effort shows! I also sent the link to a friend who has also been involved with trains his whole life. I love the routes in my home state of Texas – I have actually ridden some of them. I am terribly impressed!

  2. kadry says:

    Very useful blog. It was very useful. I was searching exaxtly for this. Thank you for your effort. I hope you will write more such useful posts.

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