Reno Nevada Railroad Photos

(This is a Series of B/W photos That hang inside the Amtrak railroad station in Reno Nevada. I photographed them while on a stop here while on the California Zephyr)
In this image is the “City of San Francisco” train which plunged from the rails in a mountain canyon northeast of Reno, causing the deaths of at least 20 passengers and injuries to scores of others. The modern 11-car train, capable of 100 miles and hour, went into service in 1936 between San Francisco and Chicago, cutting (at that time) 19 hours from the fastest previous time. About accident

Amtrak’s Reno station is the fourth train station to stand on that site. The first one, built in 1869, burned down in the Reno fire of 1879. The second one opened a decade later–and it burned down as well.
The third one survived until the station was bought by the Southern Pacific (SP) Railroad in 1925, which replaced that station with present day one

About Loco Steve

Travelling Brit Travel around USA mostly on Amtrak . Amateur Photographer
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One Response to Reno Nevada Railroad Photos

  1. Cynthia says:

    Beautiful pictures and how important they are pertaining to the history of how it was, and how we came to be as present and what will we be in the future east -meets- west as they say.

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