California Zephyr in Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska, CBQ, Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad, StationA jewel boxThere's snow getting out of hereOmaha, Nebraska, Union Depot, Station, CBQ, Burlington Route, Railroad, Traintrain-trip1899-cropAMTK 138 - Late No 6 - Chalco NE
Railroad Yard[Eagle Fruit Store and Capital Hotel], Lincoln, Nebraska  (LOC)Capitol in the MistNear Lincoln train stationChicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad #710, Nebraska, Lincoln (31,507)Hastings, Nebraska  1924
Rotary at sunsetOld Burlington DepotcabooseGrain Elevator, McCook, Nebraska. Mayer Osborn Company.Old Burlington StationSwanson Reservoir, NE

California Zephyr in Nebraska, a gallery on Flickr.


About Loco Steve

Travelling Brit Travel around USA mostly on Amtrak . Amateur Photographer
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