Chicago Union Station

Chicago Union StationUnion Station ChicagoChicago, Illinois. Model airplanes decorate the ceiling of the train concourses at Union Station 1943Chicago Union Station Amtrak YardsUnion Station gild (Chicago, Illinois)Untouchables, Union Station, Chicago, USA, Movie
Union Station, ChicagoUnion Station 522005-04-04 - 48 - Scenes taken from Roosevelt Road, Chicago - MET 197 and AMTK 43 - Metra train backs into Union Station as Amtrak 21 departsP1030826 AmtrakAwaiting DepartureGeneral view of a classification yard at C & NW RR's Proviso (?) yard, Chicago, Ill.  (LOC)
12th Street BNSF Yard (Tight Crop)Looking north...Commuter trains - Chicago Union StationChicago from the Empire BuilderChicago--Railroad Center of the World

Chicago Union Station, a gallery on Flickr.


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Travelling Brit Travel around USA mostly on Amtrak . Amateur Photographer
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