These are galleries i have made of places of interest ,mostly along some of the featured train routes – and are hosted on Flickr..The photos are chosen from photographs posted on Flickr and grouped to form galleries..  In the future i may add galleries from other people but i am a bit busy at the moment..

How to use Galleries .. Some galleries stand alone as one page ; Others may be linked together so at the and of a page there will be a link to the next page…..

The following galleries are places of interest along the California Zephyr route….

Reno * Bonnevlle Salt Flats * Great Salt Lake *

Salt Lake City * Salt Lake City (Historical)  *  Provo Utah * Price Utah *

Soldier Summit Utah * Helper Utah * Green River Utah * Thompson  Utah *

 Colorado National Monument *

Rifle Colorado * Cisco Utah * Ruby Canyon Colorado *Mack Colorado *

Glenwood Canyon Colorado * Palisade Colorado Mount Garfield *

Grand junction Colorado * Fruita Colorado * Glenwood Springs Colorado *

State Bridge & Bond Colorado * Gore Canyon Colorado * Kremmling Colorado *

Byers Canyon Colorado Hot Sulphur Springs Colorado * Granby Colorado *

Tabernash Colorado * Fraser / Winter park Colorado * Big 10 Curves Colorado *

Denver  Colorado

Chicago  …

   Chicago *   Old Chicago Railroad Photos… Part  1 * Part 2 * Part 3 

*  Bailey Rail Yards North Platte Nebraska *

 The Amtrak Crescent

The following galleries follow the Amtrak Crescent Train from New Orleans to New York .. at the bottom of each page you can click on a link to the following part of the journey……….. Amtrak Crescent 1 *  Amtrak Crescent 2 *  Amtrak Crescent 3 *  Amtrak Crescent 4 *  Amtrak Crescent 5  *   Amtrak Crescent 6 *  Amtrak Crescent 7 END


 The Empire Builder

The following galleries follow the Empire Builder from Chicago To Portland /Seattle: At the bottom of each page you can click on a link to the following part of the journey………..

Empire Builder 1 * Empire builder 2 * Empire Builder 3 * Empire Builder 4

( There are a few mistakes with this gallery that i will sort out…. )

This site is still under Construction


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