This is a collection of links to railroad  groups on Flickr (Mostly) don’t be upset if i missed your group – let me know and i will add it to the list   “As long as its relevant” 

This is a Useful Link for identifying Amtrak locomotives Just click here

The California Zephyr  A popular group about the train that openly accepts photos related to the service..( 2000+ Images / 121 Members )

The Southwest Chief  Group about Amtrak’s Southwest Chief, including pictures of, related to, and taken from the train. Feel free to include pictures from the ATSF Super Chief and Amtrak’s Southwest Limited….

Amtrak’s Coast Starlight * A long distance train running from Los Angeles to and from Seattle. Pictures of the train, taken on the train, and anything related to the train itself are perfectly welcome! :300 Photos

Amtrak Cascades  Smallish group with some nice photos from the Pacific Northwest region.

Amtrak Crescent This group is compilation of pictures of the Amtrak Crescent. Southern Crescent and Crescent Limited, etc. pictures are welcome. Pictures of Stations which are served by the Crescent are also acceptable. However, all pictures must be Crescent related.

Amtrak Empire Builder *  700 photos : pictures or videos taken around, in, or on the Empire Builder!

Amtrak 9500 assorted photos from around the United States..Popular ; Active discussion’s

Amtrak unlimited forums Pictures related to Amtrak and our group of Amtrak enthusiasts! Only members of our forums can join!!! To join Amtrak Unlimited follow this link:

Railroaders gettin’ it done/  Photos in this group MUST contain at least one visible railroader at work.

Acela Express  High speed rail Small group with some nice photos

Burlington National Santa Fe  Large group 5000 photos. Any thing BNSF, Santa Fe, CBQ,and Frisco can go in to this group.

BNSF Suburban Services  750 photos…BNSF suburban services operation from Chicago, Union Station, to Aurora, Illinois.  Read rules

Chicago Rails  18000 photos lots of railroad  interest in Chicago ..If it Runs on rails in Chicago you will find it here.

California Railfans *  3000+ Images : The California Railfans group is for any railfans who live in or are visiting/visited the state of California and took photos of railroad operations while here.

Freight Trains * Er?  Freight trains….  7600 +  Images

From the Train  * Large collection of photos That must be taken FROM the train….

GE Genesis * 3000+ photos related to GE Genesis locomotives ( Read description )

I Love Amtrak  * Large group 11,500+ photos : Pictures of Amtrak engines, coaches, boxcars, stations, employees, yards, and pictures out the window of the train are all welcome.

I LOVE TRAINS * Trains, trains, and more trains!!! Pictures of trains, trains and more trains.Did I mention train pictures are welcome? Drop on in and visit with us for a while!  Very Large Group.. 12,662 Members    (213,693 +  items)
They  now have a sister group for train videos. If you would like to join or check it out here is the new

Incredible Train Pictures * New small  Group of  High Quality images

Interesting train cars * 10700+  Photos of rail cars. In motion or stopped. Any ones that get your attention.

Montana railroads * 3350+ Photos of Montana trains and railroad scenes. Also, Montana railroad equipment (locomotives, rolling stock) outside of Montana (like Montana Rail Link engines on other railroad lines) are welcome, too!

Moving Trains * 80,000 photos…. TRAINS MUST BE MOVING!! EXTERIOR VIEWS ONLY!!!!  Read rules…..

Pacific Surfliner * No topics have been posted yet. Photos of train & Route.. West Coast!

Passing Trains * 2000 Images : Railway photographs of passing trains:

Railfanning the Chicagoland Suburbs * 5000 photos photographs of railroads from any of the Chicago Suburbs. turndowns  800 Items  88 members  post all of the photos that you submitted to that were declined. post your turn downs only, and if possible, give the lame excuse that they gave for the TD.

Ride the rails  13,000+ photos  182 members.. No description basically train photos  some nice ones too…


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