The Empire Builder

The Empire Builder is a passenger train route operated by Amtrak . The current route runs from Chicago, Illinois, to the Pacific Northwest. The line splits in Spokane, Washington, terminating at Seattle, Washington’s King Street Station (2,206 miles, or 3,550 km from Chicago) in the north and Portland, Oregon’s Union Station (2,257 miles, or 3,632 km from Chicago) in the south.The train passes through the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon.One train passes in each direction daily. The schedule is timed so the train will pass through the scenic Rocky Mountains (especially Glacier National Park) during daylight, but this is more likely in summer and on eastbound trains. It normally takes 45 to 46 hours to travel the entire route, barring delays. This averages 50 miles per hour (80 km/h) including stops.

Click on one of the following station links to view photographs from contributing Flickr Members 

Chicago  *  Glenview  *  Milwaukee *  Columbus *  Portage * Wisconsin Dells * Tomah *  La  Crosse * Winona * Red  Wing * St Paul * St Cloud * Staples * Detroit Lakes * Fargo * Grand  Forks * Devils  Lake * Rugby *  Minot *  Stanley * Williston * Wolf Point * Glasgow * Malta * Havre * Shelby * Cut Bank * Browning * East Glacier Park * Essex *  West  glacier * Whitefish * Libby * Sandpoint * Spokane *   The train splits in half here when travelling west-Half goes to Portland –  and the other half to Seattle…..

Portland route…   Pasco * Wishram * Bingen * Vancouver * Portland Union Station  END

Seattle Route…  Ephrata * Wenatchee * Leavenworth * Everett * Edmonds * Seattle END

AMTRAK TOP SHOTS  This is a collection of around 1200 of the best images i have found of Amtrak trains and stations.. I have invited these photos from individual photographers on Flickr …. There are some fine Images  in here if you have time to look :With Thanks Loco Steve….

( I would like to point out that this is a personal project and has no affiliation with Amtrak or Flickr.Although .. I do Like Riding Amtrak Trains and spend lots of time on Flickr … The linked groups were all started and managed by myself and i have contributed to most of the groups myself with the exception of Amtrak Top Shots …..  I hope you all enjoy the photos .. The main reason for these pages is for people to have a visual image collection  –  where they can find where they took photos from ‘ If they have forgotten ‘ – Or to relive their trips – or to see where they might like to go and visit..  There may be more groups in the future but it has taken two years to get this together  )

Thanks to all the photographers that have posted photos for this site on Flickr –  Hope you enjoy the images ….. Steve


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